Monday, 2 January 2012

Who Is Film Producer

A producer is responsible for putting the project together and sometimes
finding the financing. Without the right producer, the film may never come to
fruition. A producer, who is often the filmmaker (the person responsible for the project being produced in the first place), is the first one on the project and the last one to leave. The producer is responsible for hiring the crew and
working with the director to hire the actors. The producer helps “produce” all the elements required to put the production together.

Some projects have an executive producer. This person earns the title by
either handling the business of the production, being the actual financier of
the project, or being someone without whom the film would never have come
to fruition. In television and studio features, the executive producer is often a
representative of the studio or network who carries a lot of authority.

An associate producer is usually a glorified title reserved for someone who
contributes an important element to the production — such as finding the
financing or the name stars. Agents and managers often get an associate producer
credit for bringing a star or major element to a project.

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