Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Film Budgeting Software

Like scheduling software, budgeting software can take a lot of the hard work out
of creating a budget for a film. The following are some of the programs available:

1, Filmmaker Software, mentioned earlier in this chapter, has a budgeting
template included in its production software. A steal at only $15! Go to
2. Microsoft Excel enables you to create your own budget template.

3.BBP Software makes a film/TV budgeting template that runs on
Microsoft Excel, for the Macintosh and for Windows. It has additional
templates for crew and actor contact lists and sells for $99. You can
download it from the Web at www.boilerplate.net.

4 Easy Budget, which retails for $189.95 at www.easy-budget.com,
really is easy to use. Refer to Figure 4-3 to see a budget top sheet created
in Easy Budget.

5.Gorilla has a budgeting template included in its complete production
software package and is available at www.junglesoftware.com for
$199 (Student Edition).

6. EP Budgeting by Entertainment Partners is the budget software of choice in
Hollywood. At $499 , it can be expensive for a low-budget filmmaker, but it’s
the top of the line if you can afford it. Check it out at www.entertain
mentpartners.com. If you’re a student (and can prove it) you can get the
software for $195 at the Writer’s Store (www.writersstore.com).

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