Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Definition Of Genre

A genre is a category or type of story. Genres typically have their own style and
story structure, and although there are several primary categories, movies can
be a mixture of two or three different genres.

Some common genres include:

■ Action ■ Comedy
■ Crime ■ Drama
■ Family ■ Fantasy
■ Horror ■ Musical
■ Romance ■ Romantic Comedy
■ Science Fiction ■ Thriller
■ War ■ Western

When choosing the genre for an independent fi lm, be aware of the costs and
diffi culties of shooting certain genres like science fi ction or westerns, for which
the cost of sets, costumes, and props may be prohibitive.

Take special notice of the resources available to you in your community and
through your contacts. When I wrote Time and Again, I knew that my hometown
Chardon, Ohio, could easily pass as a town from the 1950s without much set
dressing. I also knew that throughout the region, I could approach antique car
owners and costume shops and scavenge the dozens of antique shops to recreate
the time period easily and inexpensively. Doing this research in advance gave me
a really good idea as to what resources were available as I developed my story.

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