Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Advantages of Shooting in the Studio

Control is the principal advantage of shooting a film in the studio. What can be
accomplished in the production design is limited only by the budget and skills of the

art department. A fair-sized studio allows the filmmaker to work continuously. There
are no company moves to make as there are in working on location. It is always day
or night in the studio. Power is readily available, as is space for the art department
to set up shop. Over the decades, studio construction and decorating techniques have
made great strides. Many studio sets in contemporary films look as authentic as location
work. In the 1970s, filmmakers left the studio for the real world on location.
They are still doing just that in the new millennium but with the art and craft of studio
production design they can now have it all inside and on the sound stage.

Safety Procedures

• All exits and lanes must always be kept clear to avoid accidents, maintain easy
mobility, and as an escape route in the event of fire
• Walkover boards should be put over all cables so the cast and crew won’t trip over
• Secure and brace all flats and scenery
• Keep all structures and materials away from the lighting instruments to avoid a
• Spray all sets and materials with flame retardant
• Build security handrails onto all offstage platforms and steps
• Check all materials carefully and avoid those considered to be hazardous

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